Pocket Laser Engraver

Scanning some of the usual RSS feeds, I saw this link to an interesting little laser paper cutter project, driven by Arduinos and a couple of EasyDriver stepper motor boards, and uses parts salvaged from a DVD-R board:

Pocket laser engraver.

Not as useful as full fledged laser cutter, but a neat project nonetheless.

One thought on “Pocket Laser Engraver”

  1. Well, it’s not “fully fledged”, true, but it actually has all the same parts and uses all the same software someone would use on a 40W-60W CO2 laser , so it is a very useful project indeed. I’ve provided some CNC models for the project ( SVG and CNC files here – http://elabz.com/cnc-files/ ) and working on some more, and the challenge of fitting everything on a 1.5″ x 1.5″ piece of material is the large part of the fun!

    It is also a very good educational project to do with kids because you get to open a DVD-RW drive which helps to demystify the current high tech and get to program an Arduino – probably the easiest MCU system to start with and do other exciting stuff.

    I definitely recommend this project to anyone interested in CNC in general or laser cutting specifically and I’m hoping Groover (the author) will win the Epilog Challenge!

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