ISS tracking on the Arduino/Gameduino

Well, tonight I had some mild success! My Gameduino satellite tracker is up and running! It’s not got much in the way of a user interface, but it here you see the ISS position marked with a purple/magenta dot, and then dots showing the position of the ISS every three minutes for the next two hours. My own location is indicated by the small star.

Compare this to the identical time using the tracker from the AMSAT website:

It seems to match up pretty well. I had originally planned to port my own code for Plan13 that I wrote in Python, but I am currently using VE9QRP’s Plan13 qrpTracker for the Arduino. It works pretty darned well, which significantly blunts my enthusiasm for porting code. We shall see.

Addendum: I’m planning on adding some interface elements to allow you to switch between multiple satellites, maybe a rotary encoder + push button. And I have some software changes in mind.