WA0UWH’s Propeller Beacon received at K6HX…

I could of days ago, I blogged about WA0UWH’s Propeller Beacon. Over the last couple of days, I worked on fixing a few small issues with my old beacon code, and have an experimental QRSS grabber up and running on qrss.info. And, what’s totally cool is that I’m hearing Eldon’s QRSS beacon, just over 700 miles away. Check the screen grab:

Eldon’s signal is the slant-Morse signal just about 1/3 of the way down (right around 10.140050). His signal starts with a propeller, and then has a series of slanted lines. Forward slashes are read as dots, and backward slashes as dashes. You can work out WA0UWH (easier on the signal near the right edge), followed by the letters WA. Pretty neat!

Other callsigns are AE5XI, NM7J, KD5SSJ, KC5EVR (I think) and WV5N, read from top to bottom. Early in the morning (around 4:00AM my time) I also received W0TJ and the flying W of Bruce, W1BW, but as yet I haven’t heard anything from our VK or ZL brethren down under. I’ll keep the grabber up for the rest of the week, perhaps down only intermittently to tweak the software, and then I’ll shift to transmit over the weekend with my G0UPL beacon.