About 5:30AM, I woke to find my bed slightly shaking, and maybe a hint of some noise. Just as I was about to drift off, a fairly violent jolt hit the house. Some various items were knocked off shelves, a fairly scary way to wake up. Carmen and I bolted for the door and waited for aftershocks: I thought I felt an immediate smaller shock, but since then, things have been fairly quiet. Worse earthquake I’ve felt in 20 years here (I missed the Loma Prieta).

Here is the seismogram that a local station recorded:

Phew. Exciting. All of our local twitter/facebook friends are reporting that things are okay where they are at. Doubt I’m going back to bed though. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Earthquake!”

  1. My twitter feed lit up with locals talking about the earthquake this morning. Here in Fremont I either slept through it (unlikely, since I’m such an incredibly light sleeper) or we didn’t feel it. Weird, since we’re on the same fault line and not that far apart, I thought it would have been noticeable here.

  2. I get a text from the USGS for every earthquake in the world 6.0 or greater. Your little jiggle at 4.0 wasn’t quite there. Of course, you were only about 6km away, and lot of other factors go into how bad the shaking is…

    Hang in there. Still waiting for our big one.

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