Listening to WSPR-ing…

I was interested in the WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) system for quite a while, but have not recently been running it from my home QTH. Yesterday, I decided to give it a whirl, and set it up to run on 30m (the classic frequency) to see what I could get. In the past, I’ve logged some interesting places, such as 4Z4TI (Israel), WA2YUM (Wake Island) and DP1POL, operating from Antartica and setting my distance record of nearly 15,000 km. But overnight tonight I added VK4TMH, the kiwi ZL2FT, and a DXCC entitity I hadn’t seen before: XV4Y from Vietnam. Very nice. Today, I’ve shifted up in frequency to 20m, and am currently listening there. So far I’ve caught two Aussies (VK2UX and VK4XDB) as well as HB9EFK from Switzerland. I was hoping for some more European stations, but it appears the window for that has passed already. I’ll leave it running for the next 24, and then maybe shift to a different frequency set.

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  1. Is this by piping the signal into your computer and have it process it? Also, what kind of antenna do you have? I don’t have much room for an antenna, but would still like to check out those DX stations.

  2. Yep, the link in the post above will send you to the software, written by Joe Taylor, K1JT. I’m using my FT-817’s receiver, and piping it to a laptop running Windows. My antenna is a low, 40m dipole antenna.

  3. Mark,
    Time to fire up the transmit side of that rig on WSPR. It’s more than double the fun! I only have a 20 meter end fed (PAR antenna) and I’ve been spotted with my softrock all over Europe, South Africa, Australia, Isreal, Morocco on 1 watt. Softrock construction and use is another source of great fun.

    John Greusel

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