fldigi now includes WEFAX reception…

Okay, nothing really more to say: fldigi now has WEFAX reception. I decided to try it out on transmissions from Norfolk, VA tonight. Not bad (although I think my own receiver works a bit better). Still, it’s nice to have them in one place. Now, all that fldigi needs is JT65A, and life would be good.

2 thoughts on “fldigi now includes WEFAX reception…”

  1. I have been using FLDIGI for WEFAX for some time. Can’t remember when it became available in FLDIGI however. I am using it on LINUX.

    JT65 would be a wonderful addition. Using the Windows version of JT65-HF on LINUX is not the greatest, it works somewhat but for some reason not as well as it should and I haven’t bothered to figure out why. There is a LINUX version but it too has it’s issues. Perhaps it is time to try and sort it out.

    NAVTEX would be another nice addition to FLDIGI. The only NAVTEX decoders I have are Windows based and work OK on WINE with LINUX but a LINUX native application would be nice.

    cheers, Graham ve3gtc

  2. “NAVTEX would be another nice addition to FLDIGI.”
    Indeed. The code is ready and tested. Please download version 3.21.44.

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