brainwagon.{org/com/net} lives!

After 12 hours of rockiness, I believe that I have brainwagon moved to new hosting. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble, but if you do, you might want to clear your cache/cookies and try reloading again. If you spot anything broken, feel free to drop me an email with the problem.

Previously this blog was hosted at Go Daddy!, but while their hosting service has been in most respects quite troublefree, I’ve decided to discontinue using them for two basic reasons:

  • Their ads. They are just plain sexist. The reliability and security of domain services and web hosting are not significantly enhanced by “Go Daddy Girls”.
  • Go Daddy! supported SOPA. I can’t imagine why any company who participates as strongly in the Internet economy could back a policy which would do such significant harm to it.
  • Oh, and a third one. I like elephants.

So, I’m over to, for no other reason than a number of people I know use it and seem to like it. The only problems I had transferring it over were problems of my own creation. Here’s to a new era for the brainwagon blog!