Apologies for the lack of updates…

Tap… tap… tap… Is this thing still on?

Apologies to my loyal readers (reader?) for the lack of recent updates. A combination of work pressure, family visits, general lassitude and other distractions have caused the writing muse to flee, and every time I sit down to write something down, I have just felt physically tired and unable to write stuff down. But the good thing is: the days are getting longer, my project at work is shipping, and I’m hoping that May will mark the beginning of some good new projects.

Some things I have in the works:

  • A number of Raspberry Pi related projects. In particular, I’ve got most of the parts for a little robotic platform that will carry a Raspberry Pi and a webcam. It’s my first real complete homebrew robotics project, which is kind of cool.
  • I’ve been experimenting with 3D printing, and hope to do some more.
  • Weather is improving, so the urge to get my RC airplanes back in the air.
  • I need to get back to some radio projects. I was up to 43 states on my WAS via JT65, it would be great to polish that off this summer.

Stay tuned!