Bill, N2CQR uses my Morse-sending code for the Arduino…

I’ve been busy lately, and have done almost nothing radio related. But John was kind enough to point out to me that Bill, N2CQR of Soldersmoke fame had posted a mention of me, and I surfed over to his blog to have a peek.

His post that apparently uses my code to send Morse which is tracked by the Reverse Beacon Network

Awesome. It’a actually pretty gratifying to see how often this simple (at least for me) code has been used and reused by people. I think of this code as being almost too trivial to worry about, but it’s clear that there are lots of people who are using the Arduino to try to get into some very simple code and electronics projects. I think that’s awesome! There are a number of authors/technocrats/philosophers who are saying that those who don’t learn to write programs are simply going to be left behind: appliance operators in life, and that those that do will be able to achieve. I don’t know that it’s true, but I do think some passing knowledge of programming can be leveraged into cool projects, and I’m glad to see that Bill has taken his first steps into the world of Arduino, and glad that I could be a part of it.


You can get my code from this blog post.

I made a couple of different videos using variations of this code. I was inspired to make this video after seeing Steve Weber’s “Temp2Morse” project, which basically keys a small oscillator powered directly from the pin of an ATTINY processor (in his case) or an Arduino in mine.

I used another variation of this code to interface a PS/2 keyboard to the Arduino, and then used it to key my FT-817:

(Apologies if you all have seen these before, but I thought they might be new to some of you.)