3D Printed Motor mounts for Mark H.’s 1 Hour Quadcopter

A few days ago I pointed at Mark Harrison’s Instructable on a 1 Hour Quadcopter. I thought it was cool, not so much because it could be built by him in an hour, but because it showed that quadcopters are actually not all that complex, and you might expect to be able to build one yourself. As I was mulling this over, I thought it might be nice to design and 3D print some motor mounts, just as I did for the Axon. So, I spent about 20 minutes tinkering an OpenSCAD version together, and came up with this:


And it took about 24 minutes and 4 meters of PLA filament to print:


The blackish bits on the top are an artifact of the previous user printing something using black filament, which took a while to clear out. The weight of this bracket should be about 12 grams, but I printed this test with 100% infill, and I think other model changes could result in a significant reduction in overall weight (I think all 4 brackets could easily be less than 25 grams, and probably be less than 18 grams). As soon as I test this against the real motors, I’ll be putting the revised model files up for download on Thingiverse. Stay tuned!