Visual Cryptography

I read an interesting article the other day. I’ll skip to the end to show you the result. Check out this pair of binary images:



Not too fascinating, huh? If you print both images out on transparency though, and stack them together, you’ll get this…


Hopefully that worked (with my limited CSS skills, I don’t think I got it exactly right). I couldn’t get the CSS exactly right, so the above image is really just the pairwise minimum of both images above. But how I accomplish this miracle? My own simple python implementation of the ideas cribbed from this page. Script to come later.

3 thoughts on “Visual Cryptography”

  1. looks a lot like some of our early attempts at raytracing (circa late 1980’s) – dithering to a laser printer.

  2. superimposing the images in CSS would be as simple as style=”background: url(img2.png)” 😉

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