Old Radio Publications available online…

I like reading old books and old magazines. Luckily, the Internet is making a lot of that kind of material available online for free. A couple of quick links to some items I’ve found recently on the subject of amateur radio:

  • Radio News was published from 1919 to 1959. PDF scans of every issue are available.
  • 73 Magazine may be more familiar to many more hams. It was published from 1960 until 2003. Its founder Wayne Green, W2NSD often wrote editorials critical of the American Radio Relay League, and therefore provides an interesting contrast to the ARRL’s QST magazine.
  • QST is the publication of the ARRL. Their archives are also available, but only to members of the society (one of the primary reasons that I continue to be a member).

Lots of reading for the radio amateur.