SSD1306 drivers for the ESP-IDF framework…

If I was going to port my ISS code to the ESP32 using the ESP-IDF framework, I’d need a driver for the SSD1306 OLED display.  It does seem like some people have been down this path before.  I haven’t tried any of the following, but a little quick googling revealed some promising links:

The last is perhaps most interesting, as the UG8 library is commonly used in Arduino sketches.

2 thoughts on “SSD1306 drivers for the ESP-IDF framework…”

  1. The Arduino port of the ESP32 framework is also supported by U8g2 directly. Just install U8g2 via library manager.

  2. Thanks for the links! The first one worked on my ESP32 to at least emit a Hello World, although the display had some corruption until I added external pull-up resistors, as noted in the readme.

    I’ve found the ESP-IDF framework reasonably easy to work with, while it’s not quite as easy as Arduino for rapid development, it’s as good as any other embedded framework I’ve worked with, and easy to recover from a bad flash.

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