Inky pHAT arrives: a 3 color E-ink display for the Raspberry Pi

For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to E ink displays. They combine a number of interesting features like low power (none when not being refreshed), high contrast and a wide viewing angle. But they only recently have begun to get cheap enough to play with. The other day I was surfing around and discovered the Inky Phat from Pimoroni. Which is a cute little 212×104 display which has three colors (black, white and red). It was about $25, and interfaces directly with the Raspberry Pi. It’s basically the same size as a Pi Zero W, but can also be used on any other Pi with the standard 40 pin Pi connector.

I haven’t done anything with it yet, but it’s calling to me, telling me to rush home and give it a whirl. I haven’t got a project in mind for it, but it comes with a Python library to drive it, which suggests that it might serve as a good display for a small satellite tracker using my Plan 13 library.

I’ll try to get a short demo video of it up tonight.