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Photo Fraud on Survivor!

Last night I watched the final episode of Survivor Guatamala (yeah, I know, reality television is the opiate of the masses, so sue me) and I spotted something that made me stop the TiVo, rewind, and note something to my wife.

The particular video shot is one of their classic "night vision" pictures of one of the Mayan pyramids, obviously meant to be a timelapse, with the Milky Way whizzing around and a lovely full moon. But there is one big problem:

The full moon and the stars weren't moving in the same direction!.

The moon will visibly move against the background of stars since the moon take about an hour longer to go around the earth each day than the stars do, but the difference is pretty small (about 45 in rate) so in a shot like this, the moon will mostly look like it tracks the background stars. This shot was assembled from at least two different and possibly three different video layers.

For shame!


Game Time With Milton Bradley

The Oakland Athletics announced that they acquired outfielder Milton Bradley and infielder Antonio Perez for top prospect Andre Ethier.

It can't really fault Beane for making this trade: Milton Bradley has talent, both as a line drive hitter with some pop that lets him get extra base hits, and he's a pretty fine fielder, but the guy has been kind of a basket case when it comes to the mental game.

Actually, I understate the case. He's a complete basket case when it comes to the mental game. I think it was a good trade, but I'll be holding my breath for the first month of the season to see what kind of trouble we've really bitten off.

Check out Athletics Nation for commentary and fan reaction.

Dare we hold our breath for Frank Thomas?

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