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Cat Helmet, or how bored do you have to be to come up with this stuff….

Cat Helmet

Honestly, just click the link. I hope sometime to have the necessary creativity and freetime to come up with this kind of project to while away the hours of my life.

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NASA’s Top 10 Pictures

Volcanos on Io

Need some fresh wallpaper for your computer Desktop? Try checking out NASA's top 10 Pictures, including the rather nice pictures of an active lava flow on Io pictured to the right. Cool stuff.

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Inexpensive (well, relatively) Panoramic Video

Nice notes on building a panoramic video system.  It hooks six firewire webcams together to record full motion video over 360 degrees.    Neat!

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Warning! Do not proceed if you are a complete idiot!

This is a few years old, but still...

Because I had completely sealed the PC case the only opening near top was the DVD drive. So I opened that and put the small hose I had purchased specially for the job into the DVD drive as far as it would go. With what I can only describe as great excitement and anticipation, I turned on the water.

Kramer and other members promoting water cooling- you have alot to answer - AV Forums

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Addendum: From one of the comments in the digg thread it appears that this was a hoax.  Too bad.

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