3 thoughts on “How to make a Smoker from a Trash Can”

  1. You probably aren’t old enough to remember our grandfather, but he had one made out of an an old steel “Norge” reefer. I only remember because I was 4 and you were two and I was trying to smoke you :-).

    Just kidding, I got stuck in the thing. What you need for a smoker is a sterile dry place that you can build up some wood smoke. There is a difference between cold and hot smoking. Grandpa’s gizmo, had a 5 gallon drum, with a pipe that fed the reefer. It didn’t cook the meat and you could leave stuff in it for about 3 weeks to smoke. You had to brine the meat and then cook to taste later. It left turkeys looking almost blood red after a months smoke in maple.

    A “hippie”, I used to know had about the same setup. He used it for his homegrown turkeys.

    A month or so in the smoker…. MMMMMMM!.


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  2. I was pretty young, but of course remember that Grandpa Busch did indeed have a relatively nice smoker. It’s too bad I was only gumming food when he was still alive.

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  3. I’ve got a wet smoker, and it makes absolute hash of fish. Does hellaciously good turkeys and pork shoulders, though.

    Like this system, the hot plate method will keep the whole thing cool enough that it won’t burn the galvanization off the trash can and poison me, and makes the temperature controllable. Cool.

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