Tasty Musings on Blogs

Thanks to Doc Searls for pointing me at Jack Shafer’s article Blog Overkill at Slate. I think Shafer makes some excellent points. I do feel that many bloggers have overplayed both the idea of blogs and their own skills in an attempt to promote themselves as being as legitimate and as important as the more traditional media. There is no doubt that some are, but there is also significant evidence that most are not.

The media revolution, if it occurs, will not be plotted out by people attending conferences, and in the end I suspect the pivotal players will not be the ones on either side who proclaim triumph for either traditional or new media. After all, that isn’t the story. It might be a story, but I assure you, it isn’t the most compelling one.

Hormel can ukelele

A Canjo!Those clever BoingBoing-ers found another cool item for you “music” loves: a Hormel can ukelele. It doubles as a lunchbox. It’s a pity that they don’t include a link to how it sounds. This is just the kind of impromptu folk instrument that I’m beginning to find fascinating.

Fun with SLUGs

Linksys NSLU2Well, I couldn’t resist. I went ahead and bought one of the aforementioned Linksys NSLU2 boxes (colloquially referred to as a slug) and began tinkering. It’s a fun little box, and along with the help of guys on the irc channel #nslu2-linux I’ve got it running with a 20gb drive attached. In fact, I even moved one of my web pages over to it to show how it can serve files (yes, I know, many of the links there will be broken, it was a proof of concept thing).

The machine has a 266mhz Intel XScale processor, which is a variant of the ARM chip. Many similar speed chips are used in middle of the road PDAs right now, and using such a chip to run gcc is kind of hilarious. It takes quite a while for things to compile, but nevertheless I’ve managed to get vim, tcsh and a couple of other fairly hefty programs to compile and run. I’ll go on about why I think this is cool in an upcoming podcast.