Inspiration on Chinese, Through the Tummy

Mei Wah is a page to help you learn Chinese. Well, at least some of the Chinese you need to read a menu in a Chinese restaurant. Cool! What’s even cooler is that through this page, I found out that McCawley’s legendary ::amazon(“0226555925”, “Eater’s Guide to Chinese Characters):: is back in print! I first heard about this book about ten years ago, but all available copies were mucho-bucks, and I couldn’t justify it. Now, it’s available for a mere $10 in paperback. Awesome. I think that you can learn an awful lot about a culture through its food, and it’s a fun hack to be able to decipher Chinese menus.

More Chinese Calligraphy

A Mediocre Character Meaning DragonWell, today was Chinese Calligraphy class again. This is one of the better attempts at writing the character for “Dragon” 龍 or long2 as writin in pinyin. Not very good, and a crappy scan because our scanner doesn’t have a bed big enough to scan large art.

I’ve acquired some books on Chinese writing to augment my study and appreciation.

::amazon(“0804832064”, “Reading and Writing Chinese”)::
A great and useful reference, contains 2000 characters and 2500 combinations, includes names, meanings, and happily, the proper stroke order for drawing the forms.
::amazon(“0071419837”, “Beginner’s Chinese Script”)::
A cool, cheap little book that can help you decipher signs written in Chinese. I like the approach
::amazon(“0823005569”, “Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy”)::
The book that will tell you what you need to know to do Chinese Calligraphy. If you are gonna get just one book, get this one.
::amazon(“0823048381”, “The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy”)::
A book which has less to do with calligraphy, but a lot more to do with arts and crafts surrounding Chinese characters. A decent second book.

Eeesh. Do I need practice!

AXS and WordPress Integration Plugin (2.1)

AXS is a pretty nice little program that can gather many of the web usage statistics that are provided by, but without any limits. There is a new AXS and WordPress Integration Plugin that makes it very simple to add to your WordPress setup: basically just put the plugin where they all go, configure three short options, and voila.

Check it out if you are in need of such a thing.

Tale of our times…

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