Childish Rant of the Day

For some reason, Dave Winer’s Scripting News hasn’t fallen off my blogslines blogroll. It must be for the “reality TV” factor, where people who should know better act out their personal issues for the shock and amusement of all.

Witness today’s rant:

Scripting News: 5/14/2005

Thing is — Adam’s star is fading, again. At some point he’s going to need some friends, and then I’m going to kick him in the ass, and then look him in the eye and say “Shouldn’t have lied so much, dickhead.”

You see Dave, it’s like this. You may like to lay claim to being the inventor of Podcasting. There may even be some legitimacy to that claim. But the fact is that, well, people didn’t like you very much, and mostly ignored your efforts. It took the involvement of somebody with some (albeit minor) celebrity and personality to make it take off.

The fact is, you didn’t capture the imagination of the public: Adam mostly did. And what’s completely unsurprising is that public’s vision about the future of podcasting is considerably larger, more diverse and beautiful than Adam or you could possibly imagine.

I was a big fan of both of you until Bloggercon 3. It was then that I realized just how vain Adam is , and just how much of a self-important blowhard you are. The fact is that you were entirely happy with calling yourself Adam’s friend as long as you thought there was some personal advantage you were going to get in terms of fame and recognition, and when that wagon appeared to pass you by, you reacted like above, as a petulant, snotty nosed child.

To any podcasters: think long and hard about whether either of these two people is the person you want to use as models for your podcasts, or your life in general.

I’m left wondering: why the hell does anyone hang out with Dave Winer at all?

3 thoughts on “Childish Rant of the Day”

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  2. Don’t forget: winer admitted that Curry paid $10,000 to have his site listed at the top of the default RSS feeds in every Radio Userland aggregator. winer only hung with Curry for the payola.

  3. As far as I know, Winer did *not* ever admit that. Ever. Please cite references and I will yield to your superior Google-fu. *Adam* admitted it, kind of as a side note in the course of an unrelated rant about Atom (then Echo). The news came as a complete shock to everyone, including Radio Userland customers, who had no idea that their software included undisclosed sponsored links.

    Editor’s note: I am leaving this in, in line with my general principle of not censoring comments on my blog. Frankly, I have no knowledge one way or the other, and honestly, I could care less what either Adam or Dave did.

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