Tough to be an A’s fan…

I suspected that the A’s may have a difficult time getting to the playoffs this year. All three of the other AL West teams had reasons for optimism: the A’s traded two of their big three talent away. The over-under line for A’s was 78 or so. Realistically they would turn out to
be a .500 level club.

But holy crap, they are stinking up the place.

As of this afternoon, they are 17-32. Lost 8 in a row. 20 of their last 24. They are on a pace to win a tragically pathetic 56 games. And quite frankly, there is no end in sight. There literally is nothing to be optimistic about. They are just bad. Last in the majors with only 27 homeruns. Last in the AL, with only 181 runs. Something like 8 for 45 with the bases loaded.

Holy crap.

It seems a far cry from the heady days of winning 20 in a row.

One thought on “Tough to be an A’s fan…”

  1. LOL as an SFGiants Fan im going to say …

    Its the A’s so no big surprise …hehe j/k sorry they are stinking up the east bay… just hope the wind doesnt make it drift to san ramon

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