Gnuplot usage

Lisa uses her weblog to remind her of things that are hard to remember like the instructions to her watch. I have done a few things like that (like the command line for burning DVDs on my FreeBSD box) and I thought I’d also put a couple of gnuplot reminders here. (I use gnuplot for all sorts of things, mostly as a quick data visualization tool).

You can insure that the output is a square by typing:

set size square

If you want a certain aspect ratio, use:

set size ratio n

If n is negative, then it ensures that the units of each axis is that ratio. For instance, to plot some orthographic map data, I used:

set size ratio -1
set xrange [-1:1]
set yrange [-1:1]
plot "map.dat" with lines

I’m sure this will be useful sometime in the future.

Unique visitors to

Here’s a graph of the number of visitors to over the last 140 days, with a quadratic curve fit.