How to REALLY handle spam…

Tom sent me a pointer to Jef Poskanzer’s notes on how he handles a million spam messages every day. No, that’s note an exaggeration, Jef gets hit by a million of them every day.

Holy crap.

Jef is a the author of the really nice thttpd, which I used to run my website for years before shifting to the Apache/PHP/Wordpress monstrosity that it is now. It’s really cool, if you need a low requirement bulletproof http server, check it out.

Best quote:

If anyone wants to volunteer to pie Bill Gates again, I’ll contribute to the defense fund. Or if you prefer, you could just kick him in the nuts.

Internet Explorer Security Plans

Courtesy of Scoble’s blog, here is a post concerning “Low Rights Internet Explorerer”:

IEBlog : Clarifying Low-Rights IE

Low-rights IE will only be available in Longhorn because it’s based on the new Longhorn security features that make running without Administrator privileges an easy option for users (User Account Protection). When users run programs with limited user privileges, they are safer from attack than when they run with Administrator privileges because Windows can restrict the malicious code from taking damaging actions.

My, that does sound innovative. Kind of like running IE inside a jail or something, maybe with an isolated directory, It’s good to see that Microsoft is on top of things.