Bracing for Rita

Josh mentioned this Houston blogger as one of those who is going to remain in his home and ride out the storm. I’ll be checking in from time to time to see how its going. Jkotr also mentioned Stormwatchers, a blog for Houston area bloggers who are similarly riding out the storm.

Good luck everyone. Stay safe.

Addendum: Traffic is apparently really bad leaving the Houston. You can click on the image at the right to get live traffic cam views. I45 North seems bad.

Finding Blogs in the Short Head

I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read. Unfortunately, it is often hard to find blogs that are interesting. I suspect that is because most of the blogs that I find interesting are in the long tail, rather than the short head, and search engines rely on the short head.

For instance, witness the Top 100 Blogs as listed by Technorati. How many of these blogs are actually of interest to me?

  • BoingBoing: Okay, I read BoingBoing every day. But everyone does.
  • Engadget: Ditto. Got to keep up on the gadget news.
  • Wil Wheaton Dot Net: While Wil has been a bit less interesting of late, he’s still one of the more honest bloggers there is. I suspect too much of his real creative energy is going into his books as of late though.
  • Scobleizer: I’m fascinated by the idea of corporate blogging, and I read Scoble’s blog to see how the grand experiment works out.

And that’s it for the top 100.

I guess popular blogs aren’t all that popular with me.

Eggs Stand on End at the Autumnal Equinox

Well, it’s hardly surprising, given that you can (with a little effort) stand them on end pretty much every day of the year. But today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day features Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait demonstrating that egg stability seems to be unphased by changes in the seasons.

Still, today marks the beginning of fall. If I was in someplace that actually had seasons, I’d be watching the leaves turn. No such luck.

Addendum: Bad Astronomy has a blog too.