Nifty Paleontology on the Panda’s Thumb

I’ve been interested in the world of pseudo-science for a long time, ever since reading Chariots of the Gods as a young boy, and then realizing what a load of bullocks the whole thing was. What’s amazing to me is that by age twelve or so, I managed to figure it out, but that some people never outgrow this childish view of the world. It even continues on in the public discourse as such absurd notions as creationism and intelligent design.

So recently, I’ve added a few blogs to my bloglines subscription, and it is paying off nicely. Witness this terrific article about “Fossil-Fossils” found in De-Naz-In Wilderness in New Mexico. It’s a very informal but interesting view into the fossils that simply are weathering out in the Bisti Badlands, which include fossils which have in some sense been fossilized twice: creatures that have died are fossilized, then weather out millions of years later, only to be re-fossilized in a different strata layer. It’s kind of hard to keep a straight face while trying to believe that all fossils are the result of Noah’s flood six thousand years ago, but it’s doubly hard to do so when you see this fossils.

That is, if you understand what they are.

Or mean.

Which kind of leaves creationists out in the cold.

A great blog, really.