Brainwagon Radio: Headset, Reset and Videora Ipod Converter

Another podcast recorded on my Dell Axim x50v after upgrading to Windows Mobile 5. Quicky review: it works, seems to have a few things cleaned up, including some nice enhancements to Pocket Internet Explorer. It does seem however that the Core Pocket Media Player might not be detecting the graphics accelerator in the Dell anymore, I’ll investigate that some more.

My Neighborhood

Other links:

  • World Wind from NASA has a new version that includes data on the Moon. It’s like Google Earth, but paid for by your tax dollars! On the right you can see the view of my neightborhood. Check it out.
  • Videora Ipod Converter a gadget for converting video to a format that can be watched on the ipod. For some reason the files I tried to transfer from my Media PC didn’t have sound, I haven’t figured that out yet. But the price is right!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to While I was podcasting before Josh was, he was the guy whose Axim x50v podcast gave me the idea of recording all these podcasts with my PDA. Thanks Josh, and best wishes for the future.

It’s not a bug…

I was scanning the right sidebar of my blog to see what ballplayers were born today, and uncovered what I (at first) thought must be a bug. Two players, both named “Mark Corey”, born on November 3rd. But wait, born in two different years. It turns out that the 1955 version of Mark Corey was a righthanded outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles from 1979 to 1981, and the 1974 version was a righthanded pitcher for the Mets, Colorado, Toronto, and Pittsburg. He apparently also was naughty. Remember kids: stay off drugs. Stay in school. As far as I could determine with a few minutes of work, they don’t appear to be related (or at least, I couldn’t find any indication that they were).

Addendum: The most popular name in the major leagues? John Sullivan. Five major leaguers have had that name, born on February 16, 1873, May 31, 1894, March 21, 1890, November 2nd, 1920 (yesterday!) and Jan 3, 1941. There have been four versions of Bob Allen, Harry Smith, Bob Johnson, Red Smith, Tom Hughes, Harry Taylor, Bob Smith and Bill Smith. All in all, 141 players have had the last name “Smith”.

First Light

Over the last couple of days I managed to skim a bunch of reports that scientists had discovered the light from stars which formed only 200 million years after the Big Bang, but the matter seemed pretty dry and uninteresting. But try reading Phil Plait’s account of the discovery. Not only does Phil do an excellent job of explaining the discovery in accurate yet understandable terms, he also conveys the thrill of new discovery. He’s psyched about this stuff, and it rubs off pretty easily.