R.I.P. Brainwagon Radio

Well, I wish my experiment in podcasting was going out with a bang instead of a whimper, but for now, I’m closing the saga that was Brainwagon Radio. It may return in some retooled form in the future: I’m thinking that to really revitalize my interest in doing podcasts I need to find an appropriate cohost and develop a better setup. For now, the 98 episodes stand as an attempt to utilize a new media before I even understood what it was, what I should use it for, or who my audience was. Perhaps when I have a personal answer to one of those questions, I’ll be back to try it again.

Until then, I hope that I didn’t bore you all, and that you drop in and read my blog, which I will continue to keep. I also hope that at least a couple of you were inspired to reach out to others who reside in the Long Tail and create your own podcasts.

It really has been a blast.

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Brainwagon Radio”

  1. Au revior Brainwagon Radio, for the time being you will be missed. We need creative and intrepid people to experiment whith new technology and forms of communication.

    Brainwagon Radio didn’t change the world but it gave a look in to someones world and I found that interesting and stimulating. We can’t all speak eloquently and not all of us have the range of interests that you covered so thanks for giving it a try and welcome back whenever you want.


    Editor’s note: Thanks for the kind words, and have a Happy Holiday!

  2. You we’re one of the first podcast I listened to! Thanks for your efforts!

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