Microsoft Losing Browser War at Brainwagon

Here’s something faintly interesting I noticed while scanning my logs at  Back in March of last year, I lamented that 60% of my readers used IE to read this blog, and told you all to get over to Firefox and download a reasonable standards based browser. Today, we have the following graph:

MSIE is only 30% now

Only 30% of my readers are using Internet Explorerer. About 3.5% are using Konquerer, a single person was using Opera, and the rest are using some variation of Firefox/Mozilla/Safari. Congratulations to all those who have discovered a better browsing experience. To the rest of you, what’s keeping you on Internet Explorer? Feel free to leave comments…

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Losing Browser War at Brainwagon”

  1. I think I’d be the Opera user, I like the dramatically smaller memory footprint and quicker response compared to Firefox. Surprised there aren’t more of us, but then I’ve never been a good market sample.

  2. This is my first visit to your site and I use FireFox so I’m happy not to screw up your pro-Firefox stats.

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