One thought on “The Cinnamon Bear (revisited)”

  1. i just wanted to thank you for the cinnimon bear, it left ahuge impression on my child mind, not so much my brothers he has always maintained that i imagined it. i had abear named pattyo, which i loved dearly.
    around the early 90 s i began searching the net for pattyo, to no availe, prior to that the libraries. i knew i couldnt have made it all up in my head , and i would have had to have been in a coma to dream as much as i recalled.
    well for some reason, today , it came around in my mind again , and finally , i arrived at your site and , thought i had hit pay dirt when there was an option to listen to the story even if i had to wait again till next christmas. but wooohoooo , ddownloadable pattyocinnimon bear , this will be a something i will treasure , and my grand daughters ,will now have the pleasure of the cinnimon bear. THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND BLESS YOU
    There is much pleasure in useless knowledge.” — Bertrand Russell
    Bertie is always right!

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