Grabber update…

Earlier, I noted that W8LIW was getting signals simultaneously from both Europe and Australia, so I was hoping that as the earth spun around, I might get some good DX signals. Thusfar, the only one I’m getting is Vern’s Big Ears beacon from Nova Scotia, right down along the bottom (repeating VDM).

Oh, and I’ve got my grabber pretty much running well at I just added the frequency legend on the right. It should go pretty well for the next couple of hours, then falls off during the night, until about midnight when Australia and Japan usually begin to wake up.


One thought on “Grabber update…”

  1. Hello Mark,

    Thanks for linking to my Maidenhead WWL grid page at

    Because of changes to Google Sites functionality I had to move the page to another server.

    In addition to that I added some functionality:

    — distance lines between two squares are now geodesic — the shortest path between two points along the surface of the Earth
    — display of bearing information between two squares
    — calculation of midpoint along the geodesic line — to help those who use aeroplanes’ reflections for making contact

    I would appreciate if you could update the information at your page as well and point the web link to:

    Best regards,

    Joosep-Georg Järvemaa

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