Too much caffeine == shaky soldering

I’m glad I didn’t try my hand at my second Softrock today. Instead, I decided to wire up all the programmable message buttons on my K1EL keyer (I had mounted them, but didn’t bother connecting them the last time I hooked them up). Man, my hands were jittery, I guess those two Diet Cokes really got too me. Still, finished it all, buttoned it up, and now I’ve got the keyer completely done. When my oscillator project gets completed, I’ll be able to go immediately to beaconing.

Oh, and I got my cheesecake baked for tomorrow’s brunch.

4 thoughts on “Too much caffeine == shaky soldering”

  1. Susan says to mention that she got the Jello (uhh, no JelloTM involved) done, too.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been doing a bunch of soldering on small stuff recently, and I have to drink decaf on the mornings of when I have to do it.

  3. Mark,

    Which K1EL keyer do you have?

    I wired up memory switches to a K-PCB rev G K-12 kit and had
    problems addressing the correct memory locations.

    The solution was to:
    change R8 from 22K to 47K
    change R9 from 33K to 39K ( 39K not supplied in kit)
    change R10 from 47K to 33K

    This new arrangement agrees with the K-12 data sheet and the pc board
    markings.  Try chaining from one memory to the next. Are your memory switches set up right? K1EL’s K-PCB is a terrific keyer and a fantastic bargain.

    You might also want to try Kees’ incredible $15 keyboard keyer, the MCB:


    Tom Williams

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