Project Mark begins anew…

Well, I’m suffering from a feeling of deja-vu: recent doctor visits indicate that my weight has crept back up (no surprise) and that my BP and cholesterol aren’t doing much better either. I could make excuses about the surgery I had earlier in the year or whatever, but the reality is, that I’m back to just about the level that I was back in early 2004. Back then, it took me four months or so to drop 35 pounds, which I did mostly by using Weight Watchers and trying to increase my exercise a bit. For the near future, I’ll be taking a few hints from their play book, and religiously logging all the food as well as my weight, and we’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work very well, or if I get frustrated, then perhaps it’ll be back to WW for me.

2 thoughts on “Project Mark begins anew…”

  1. Whew, scared me there for a minute. I read “religiously *blogging* all the food as well as my weight”

  2. Hi Mark,

    This is your old college roommate Doug. Good luck with Project Mark!

    I’m leaving this in a comment since I can’t find your email on this site anywhere. Did I miss it?

    I did the computer thing for 25 years and then decided to get into the space business.

    I found myself at brainwagon because I’m looking into high-altitude balloons and AX.25 telemetry downlinks and Arduinos &etc. I’m working on an aerospace engineering degree and interning for Spaceport America this summer, and they’re looking for methods to get student payloads into space cheaply.



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