The moon is quiet…

Sigh. Not hearing anything from the Moon.

Tuning into the live video/chat line it appears that lots of people with much larger/better setups than me are also having difficulty hearing anything, so I am not the only one. Given that under the best of circumstances, my unproven antenna would have barely enough gain, I think this attempt has been somewhat unsurprisingly unsuccessful.

Sarah was nice enough to at least snap a picture of my standing out in front with my antenna, looking goofy.

12dbd (optimistically) ain't cutting it, even with Arecibo on the other end...

Addendum: It appears that they didn’t have their power amplifier up today, so were operating at a lower power level than was originally hoped. With luck, they’ll have that fixed and will be +13db tomorrow by comparison. I suspect that still might not be enough. But I’ll try again tomorrow, just in case.

One thought on “The moon is quiet…”

  1. Thanks for the update, I am building the very same yagi but will not finish until tonight (Friday), so I still have high hopes 🙂 -73 Dan

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