Another hummingbird shows up on the camera…

When I got home today, it appeared that I had a few more images from my hummingbird cam. Luckily, I got several nice frames of him her (probably), so I put them together into an animated GIF. Nifty. When I get a chance to do more stuff on it this weekend, I hope to get even better recordings, and setup the camera closer. Till then, it’s been a fun project.


Addendum: I converted the individual JPEG images into an animated GIF using the ImageMagick toolkit on Linux. The command was:

convert -crop 512x576+512x576 +repage -loop 0 -delay 200 frames.*.jpg loop.gif

The -delay value probably could have been shrunk a bit. I used the -crop option to just select the right half of the screen. When you post animated gifs in WordPress, you need to post them at full size, the shrunken versions won’t animate.