Project Completed: My $.99 Christmas LED hat, with ATtiny13 controller

Well, it’s done! Here’s my ATtiny13 controlled Christmas LED hat. It consists of an 8 pin, ATtiny13 microcontroller, a pair of 2N3904 transistors and some 1K resistors, a 7805 voltage regulator with two filter caps, and a switch, all mounted on a Radio Shack perfboard inside an Altoids tin. I’m rather pleased with the way it turned out. I always like it when a project goes from the breadboard to a final mounting in a box.

Addendum: Here’s the schematic for the entire circuit. Nothing too surprising, but you should be able to follow it if you need to.

5 thoughts on “Project Completed: My $.99 Christmas LED hat, with ATtiny13 controller”

  1. Very cool !!! Please tell me how to save the battery with Attiny power down sleep. But I need this code with power down sleep.

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