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Photos from the eclipse…

Okay, these are the best of the photos that I snapped during yesterdays annular solar eclipse (well, it was really only a partial eclipse here). We had just left the Maker Faire, and were in the parking lot of Oracle on 10 Twin Dolphin Drive in Redwood City, CA. I took out my 4" Meade Maksutov telescope, along with a full aperature solar filter and a 25mm eyepiece. To take the pictures, I used a Fuji W1 camera, held up to the eyepiece, set in manual mode with an exposure of 1/100th of a second and f/4. Alignment was tricky and twitchy, and there are more crappy photos than good ones. These aren't particularly good, or sharp, but heck, they are mine, and as a reminder of a kind of neat event, they work just fine.

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  1. Testing the captcha thing…

  2. Nice pics of the eclipse Mark. The things I miss being on the wrong coast.

  3. Great pics!
    Had a pretty good view from my swimming pool. 🙂

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