The art of capacitive touch sensing

I didn’t get a lot of electronics hacking done, but I found myself again playing with capacitive sensing. I found this interesting article on the EE Times website:

The art of capacitive touch sensing

It also pointed me at the following pretty cool Youtube! vid by the folks at Nerdkits:

My experimentation thus far has been mostly confined to using the CapSense library for the Arduino. This library is pretty simple to use, but it has a number of quirks that make it somewhat cumbersome for the uses that I had for it. I’m currently working on a “better” (for my purposes) version. Stay tuned.

One thought on “The art of capacitive touch sensing”

  1. Cool. Good info. This reminded me of my own touch sense problem. The wife has a touch sense night stand lamp. When my Lowfer beacon JAM is on the air it goes crazy. Turning off and on and running thru it’s 3 brightness settings. Sorry Dear. I tried making it less sensitive but that only disabled it.

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